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Duplo Bookletmakers and Trimmers

DBM-120T DBM-120 Bookletmaker & DBM-120T Trimmer  Connected to the DC-10/60 or DFC-12/24 collators, the DBM-120 and DBM-120T can produce up to 2,400 professional trimmed booklets an hour.
DBM-120SxS DBM-120SxS Sheet By Sheet Bookletmaker & DBM-120T Trimmer  Connected to the DSF-2000 Document Sheet Feeder, the DBM-120SxS and DBM-120T can produce up to 1,800 booklets per hour and is the ideal finishing solution for short and medium runs.
DBM-2KT DBM-2KT Two-Knife Trimmer  A modular approach to the need for three-knife trimming, the industry's most productive and technologically advanced System 5000 Collating and Booklet making solution offers the DBM-2KT head and foot trimmer.
DBM-500 DBM-500 Bookletmaker & DBM-500T Trimmer  The DBM-500 Bookletmaker with DBM-500T Trimmer is exceptionally versatile and accepts output from off-line, near-line, in-line, and dual-line sources.

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