DBM-2KT Two-Knife Trimmer

A unique, modular approach to the need for three-knife trimming, the industry's most productive and technologically-advanced System 5000 solution offers the DBM-2KT head and foot trimmer. An optional unit to the DBM-500T face Trimmer, the DBM-2KT trims the head and foot of completed booklets.

The initial settings are programmed from a user interface on the trimmer and then transferred to the main memory of the finishing modules. The operator can then call up frequently used jobs from a single user interface. Full-bleed jobs can now be conveniently transferred directly from the press to the finishing device without the need for trimming on a guillotine before or after stitching and folding.

Duplo's modular equipment allows users to build up their system as their needs dictate, starting with a simple face-trim function then adding the head and foot trimmer when required. With amazing affordability, the versatile System 5000 with DBM-2KT fits comfortably into any budget.

Duplo DBM-2KT