DBM-500 Bookletmaker & DBM-500T Trimmer


Redefining the word automatic, Duplo presents the first and only truly automatic bookletmaker. The DBM-500 Bookletmaker delivers cutting edge technology and unprecedented speeds up to 5,000 booklets per hour. Incorporating significant technical upgrades, the fully automatic DBM-500 is exceptionally user-friendly, versatile, and includes a revolutionary offering that sets itself apart from competitors. A state-of-the-art accumulation system offers complete flexibility by accepting both set-by-set of the traditional offset market and sheet-by-sheet pre-collated output of digital printers.

Push button setup and changeover make the DBM-500 the world's easiest to use stitcher/folder. Go from 11" x 17" to a CD size book job without any additional parts or manual intervention. The bookletmaker's LCD touch panel enables all functions of the trimmer to be controlled from this main unit. Easy changeover is achieved by diverting corner or side-stitched jobs to a separate catch-tray, while other jobs continue to pass through the trimmer onto the belt-stacker. Input up to 12 frequently used jobs for effortless changeover.

The DBM-500 also boasts a redesigned fold unit that provides a flatter, crisper fold. Engineered to meet every demand, this revolutionary machine is the fastest, easiest, most economical, and accurate method available for turning printed material into quality finished documents.

Exceptionally versatile, the DBM-500 accepts output from off-line (DC-10/60 Collator), near-line (connected to the DSF-2000 Document Sheet Feeder), in-line (with a digital print engine), and dual-line (Duetto system) sources.

Duplo DBM-500