DBM-120 Bookletmaker & DBM-120T Trimmer


The automatic setting of the DBM-120 Bookletmaker offers speed and reliability to maximize productivity and increase profits. Connected to the DC-10/60 or DFC-12/24 collators, the DBM-120 and DBM-120T produce up to 2,400 professional trimmed booklets an hour -- a fraction of what it would take to make them by hand. The optional DBM-120T Trimmer is designed to be used in-line with the DBM-120 for precise and consistent face trimmed booklets containing up to 80 pages.

The DBM-120 is customized for simple setup and foolproof operation. With the most common applications pre-programmed, easy bookletmaking is accessed at the tough of a button. No timely manual adjustments are necessary. Since the side guides, head stops, staple/fold position stoppers, and machine automatically move to the correct position, the operator can conveniently change from one job to the next in mere seconds.

Duplo DBM-120