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Beseler Systems

Beseler 1812-M-II

1812-M-II Combination sealer/tunnel with easy quick change mono seal head and a 2000 watt heat tunnel.

Beseler 2016-MTB-II/TD-16-10

2016-MTB-II / TD-16-10  Automatic seal temperature compensator and a 4000 watt heat tunnel.

Beseler 2016-MTB-II/TD-18-8

2016-MTB-II / TD-18-8-M  Self adjusting seal pads and an 8000 watt heat tunnel. 

Beseler 2420-MTB-II/TD-18-8

2420-MTB-II / TD-18-8-M  Seals 15-18 pkgs./min., In the tunnel heat is ducted to all sides, top and bottom.

Beseler 2420-MTB-II/TD-20-12

2420-MTB-II / TD-20-12   Stainless steel film hold downs and a 12,000 watt heat tunnel.

Beseler LSA 504/TD-18-8

LSA 504 / TD-18-8-M  Easy to operate sealer control panel with long life 8,000 watt cal-rod heaters in the tunnel.

Beseler SSE 850/TD-30-10

SSE 850 / TD-30-10  Seal bar with knife and a 24,000 watt heat tunnel.

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