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Baum Equipment Designing and manufacturing Paper Folding Machines and related bindery equipment since 1917.

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Baum ifold


The Baumfolder Corporation began operations in 1917 in Sidney, Ohio as the Liberty Folder Company. Founded by four area Businessmen, Liberty Folder began manufacturing folding machines for the printing industry. In the years ahead Liberty Folder grew and prospered. In 1920 Liberty Folder purchased another local folder company, The Eclipse Folding Machine Company (founded in 1884). And in 1935 The Mentges Folder Company (founded in 1884) was purchased.

In 1935 Mr. Russell Ernest Baum, a Philadelphia Businessman, became a dealer and began selling the Liberty Folder. Mr. Baum was considered a marketing genius and was so successful in the marketing of the Liberty Folder that in 1936 he was granted an exclusive dealership for the Eastern United States. With Baum's continued success to market the product the Liberty Folder quickly became known as the Baumfolder. In 1950 Mr. Baum became sole owner of the Liberty Folder Company which he managed until he sold it to Bell & Howell in 1961.

Baumfolder continued to grow under Bell & Howell during the 1960's and 1970's with more Baumfolders being sold in the United States and Canada than all the other manufacturers of folding machines combined. In 1965 Bell & Howell built a new manufacturing facility which remains the home for Baumfolder today.

In 1976 under Mr. Farley's direction Baumfolder continued to grow and diversify into other products including: Table Top Folders, Paper Drills, and Paper Cutters. This was accomplished through the purchase of the O&M Folder Product line 1981 and the Nygren Dahly Company in 1983 and by new product development from Baumfolder's Engineering Department. In 1981 the Baumfolder manufacturing plant and offices were expanded to their present size to accommodate the additional products and the growth in the folder business. 1987 Baumfolder's Management Group sold the business to EAC-Heidelberg USA, which in 1991 sold the company to Stahl, located in Ludwigsberg, Germany.

In 1999 Heidelberg Druckmachinen, Germany, purchased Stahl, which included Baumfolder Corporation, and we remain today part of that diverse business organization. Baumfolder is a proud member of the Heidelberg PostPress Business Unit.

Quality was and is the focus of our facility and in 1997 ISO Quality Certification was achieved. Baumfolder achieved ISO14001 Certification in 2002.

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