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New BAUM ifold

ifold is an affordable and informative solution for setup, operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting for all Baum ifold series folders.

ifold is a patent-pending product featuring a tutorial interface available only on the new "ifold" series BAUM floor model folders. ifold is an industrial computer with a touch-screen monitor that provides information to the operator on setup, maintenance, operation, troubleshooting and more. It does not drive any automated settings when it is sold as the ifold on manual-setup BAUM ifold series folders.

The ifold is also sold to operate as an integral component of the new BAUM AutoSet automated folding series. It is not designed to be added to older model folders manufactured prior to the introduction of the ifold series of machines. It is used in conjunction with other electrical and mechanical feature changes found only on the new "ifold" and AutoSet series BAUM floor model folders. "ifold" is available as the BAUM 15 ifold, BAUM 18 ifold, BAUM 20 ifold Pile Feed, BAUM 20 ifold Continuous Feed, BAUM 26 ifold Continuous Feed and the BAUM 30 ifold Continuous Feed Folders. Here are some more facts:
  • Job Storage of 100 programs
  • 30+ preprogrammed folds
  • Color-coding and page number notation for impositions
  • Video demonstrations for most applications
  • Setup task list to track progress
  • Folder production calculator
  • Total count viewing with extra-large size numbers
  • Industrial 15-inch diagonal touch screen
  • Provides instructions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd station folders
  • 4 languages standard: English, Spanish, German, French
  • English/Metric/Fraction numeric display selection
  • Inch, metric or custom paper size selection
  • Electrical power and fuse protection from folder main control box
  • Ergonomic adjustments for height, angle pivot for glare, and 180 degree swivel positioning
  • On-screen parts manual
  • User defined maintenance schedule alerts
  • 24/7 folder information availability
  • and much, much more!

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