Model SE/15


Heat Tunnel insulated with same insulation used on space shuttle tiles.

New vacuum head focuses vacuum precisely to the surface of the stock. In doing so, less air turbulence is created in the vacuuming process eliminating problems associated with air turbulence.

An inverter complete with LED megahertz readout allows you to increase or decrease vacuum with a simple dial.

The powder hopper holds up to 5 lbs. of powder and can be adjusted for more density as well as to decrease the width of powder flow.

Shut down up to 44% of the heater wattage when running commonly produced jobs such as 4-up business cards and social announcements.

The tracking system incorporated in the rollers, located in the heater section, provide for "0" slippage and assure that the conveyor mesh rides straight without shifting from side to side.

Precision temperature control holds set point accuracy within 1% of your set temperature.

The front conveyor clutch stops the front conveyor and resin belt independent from the rest of the conveyor, allowing the operator less fatigue during set-up.

Model SE/15


Electrical 208 or 220 3 Phase, 60 Amp 60 Cycle
Floor Space Length: 17 feet (fully assembled)
Width: 38 inches
Height: 57 inches
Heat 12,000 watts (using both heat zones)
7,500 watts (using just middle zone)
Heat Width 15" wide (using both heat zones)
10" wide (using just middle zones)
Maximum Production Speed 10,000 i.p.h. tested on 8.5x11 60lb cover
Stock Size Up to 15" wide
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Weight 1,225 lbs.