Cleanest vacuum system in the industry with star wheels to eliminate tracking through solids. Our vacuum head easily adjusts in seconds to increase or reduce vacuum or to accommodate various stock thickness. Airflow control eliminates powder moving on down to heater mesh conveyor.

Microprocessor based Digital Electronic Temperature Controller holds set point accuracy to within 1/2 to 1% of your set temperature.

Nobody backs them better, because nobody builds them better! Top quality parts and components that go into our products include #35 drive chain, self-aligning bearings sealed in high temperature grease, hardened steel sprockets, industrial strength motors, electrical components that are over rated for the load they actually carry and stainless steel mesh and rollers. Quality throughout!

3 sectional, state of the art ceramic fiber heaters with our exclusive Energy Smart Heat Zone Control makes SUNRAISE the most energy efficient thermographer that you can buy. Shut down the outside zones for commonly produced work such as 4-up business cards and social announcements, reducing wattage up to 44%! What's more, our heat tunnels are insulated with the same high-tech insulation that NASA uses on the Space Shuttle. These combined energy saving features save you money every month and help your operators stay cool and productive.

Cooling section is easily adaptable for optional UV light for producing laser compatible thermography. Double action in-feed conveyor makes feeding from any small offset press a breeze. Powder trays are easily removable for quick changeover to specialty powders.