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One-Step Shrink Wrap Systems

The preferred method of shrink-wrapping around the world is now available in North America. Our one-step systems eliminate the need for manual "L" bar sealers and tunnels by performing both operations under one hood.


Dibipack 1217 ST

Dibipack 1217 ST   Lower costs when compared to "L" sealer and tunnel systems

Babypack 1217

Babypack 1217  Space saver: Does not require separate tunnel

Dibi 4255 MAG

Dibi 4255 MAG  Easy operation: One operator can complete sealing and shrinking in a continuous operation,

Dibi 4255 Evolution Plus

Dibi 4255 Evolution Plus  Take up wheel not available in US. Shown with optional conveyor

Dibi 6084

One-Step Shrink Wrap  Two operational modes allow machine to act only as an "L" sealer only

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