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Destroyit Shredders


Destroyit® Centralized Office shredders are heavy-duty, high-volume machines specifically designed to shred large amounts of material daily. Ideally, they are positioned in a common area, such as next to a copier or fax, and shared by a number of employees. Centralized, "at the source" shredding is more secure and cost-effective than using an outside shredding service. Feed openings from 10 1/4 to 16 inches handle a wide range of document sizes and a variety of cutting heads are available in 6 security levels. All Centralized strip- and cross-cut models will accept staples and paper clips and many will shred CD's.


Destroyit 2501

Destroyit 2501  High quality, hardened steel cutting shafts take staples, paper clips, and credit cards

Destroyit 2503

Destroyit 2503  Automatic start and stop controlled by photo cell

Destroyit 2603

Destroyit 2603  Includes the "SPS" (Safety Protection System) package

Destroyit 3103

Destroyit 3103  Quiet and powerful motor, rated for continuous operation

Destroyit 3803

Destroyit 3803  Fully enclosed, dust-proof gearbox housing

Destroyit 4002

Destroyit 4002  Pull-out bag frame mechanism mounted on rollers for easy replacement of disposable shred bags.

Destroyit 4003

Destroyit 4003  Single, multifunction switch with optical indicators for stand-by/stop/reverse

Destroyit 4004

Destroyit 4004  two automatic speed modes: “Power” for bulk feeding, and “Speed” for smaller amounts

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