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Martin Yale Burster

Model 970A 


The Martin Yale 970A bursts up to 5 part forms and is simple to set up and operate.  Unit is capable of slitting the edges off of a single ply document only.
  • Burst up to 5-part carbonless, 3-part carbon interleaved, continuous feed documents/forms

  • Slits and bursts single-ply forms

  • Adjustable margin slitters are self-sharpening high-carbon steel and adjusts from 1/2" to 3/4" trim for a single ply document

  • Chemical resistant  rollers

  • Handles form sizes 5 1/2" to 17" wide,  and 3" to 12" long

  • Forms are processed at speeds up to 6,100  8 1/2" forms per hour or 15,000  3 1/2" checks per hour

Martin Yale 970A

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