DC-8 Collator


The reliable DC-8 Collator offers printers and offices a cost-effective solution to their collating and finishing needs. The DC-8 handles a wide variety of paper from 13 to 110 lbs. including bond, NCR, card stock, and folded sheets, and most coated stocks. For added versatility, the DC-8 can handle sheet sizes from 5" x 8" up to 11" x 17" and produce up to 2,100 sets per hour. This desktop collator can even collate mixed sizes and weights of paper in the same run. Automatic self-setting miss, double, out-of-paper, and jam detectors guarantee accuracy in your collating operation. With it patented friction-feed system, small footprint, and expandable design, the DC-8 is the most versatile and cost-efficient collator on the market. Duplo DC-8