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Stitcher Machines DeLuxe Stitcher offers both Single-Head and
Multiple-Head stitcher machines in addition to
Light and Heavy-Duty Machines. Whatever the application,
DeLuxe has the Stitcher Machine.

Deluxe M2

M2  This industrial stitcher is ideal for print shops and binderies requiring rapid output of production. The M2 is especially suited for flat and saddle work ranging in thickness from 2 pages to 5/16".

Deluxe M19

M19  The perfect stitcher for thick work; including business forms, ticket booklets and special applications. This stitcher can accommodate eight different wire sizes without the change of parts.

Deluxe M7

M7  Redesigned for the 21st century, the M7 Stitcher is renown for its ability to reliably stitch any thickness, from 2 sheets to 7/8" of stock, making this stitcher ideal for any bindery house.

Deluxe M17

M17  Pamphlets, checkbooks and ticket books are quickly and neatly stitched, using the M17 Multiple-Head Stitcher.
A single adjustment sets the compression and wire draw on all of the heads simultaneously. The M17 accommodates
ten 26D Heads or eight G8 Heads.

Deluxe M27

M27  The newly designed M27 can accommodate up to four stitcher heads; either the conventional 18D or the G20
Side-Feed Heads. The M27 is our highest capacity multiple-head stitcher.
Deluxe M30 M30  The most versatile Stitcher Machine offered by DeLuxe Stitcher, the M30 satisfies the requirements of any size Bindery House. Perfect for flat, saddle and corner-stitched jobs, the M30 can even stab stitch!
Deluxe Stitch Master SM  The StitchMaster is quiet, fast, dependable and inexpensive - ideally suited for small print shops. It is designed to be clamped to any work table or to a floor stand, available separately. Two StitchMasters can be connected to form a two-headed machine.

Deluxe IMS

IMS  This table-top version of our StitchMaster utilizes a smaller work area. With a capacity from 2 sheets to 1/4", the MiniStitcher is ideal for many versatile applications.
Deluxe 18AW 18AW  For over fifty years the Model 18AW multiple-head stitcher has been a quality option for stitching
pads, checkbooks and business forms. A single adjustment sets the compression and wire draw on all of the heads simultaneously. The 18AW is designed for flat stitching only.
Deluxe Advantage The Advantage  provides both saddle and flat stitching, with either side-ways or pass-through feeding.
Mount up to eight 18D or six G20 Heads.

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