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Stitcher Heads DeLuxe Stitcher manufactures both traditional and side-feed
stitcher heads which are interchangeable with
Hohner, ISP/Interlake and Muller-Martini heads.

DeLuxe G5

G5 Head  This head was designed with the latest technology in mind. From its front-locking mount system, to its
latchless construction and side-feed operation, this head is easy to use. The G5 is a low-cost alternative for collators
requiring a smaller capacity Head with greater reliability.
DeLuxe 26/26D 26/26DHead  This head is one of the most popular style heads in the world for both OEMs and end users alike.
It is used in literally hundreds of collator applications, as well with a host of different stitcher machines.

DeLuxe G8

G8 Head  This head features a side-feed design, eliminating the need for a swivel, dramatically increasing the reliability
of this head and can be used on virtually any stitcher or collator which uses DeLuxe Stitcher, ISP/Interlake, 26 Heads or Hohner 52/8, 55/7 and 48/5 Heads.
DeLuxe 18D 18D Head  This head is used predominantly by large printers because of its excellent reputation for reliability. The 18D is extremely versatile and handles a wide range of wire and crown sizes.

DeLuxe G20

G20 Head  Like the G8, this head features a side-feed design eliminating the need for a swivel which results in increased production speeds and decreased down-time. The G20 Head can be used on all dual-drive stitchers or saddle-binders which currently use 18D or Hohner 70/20 Heads.
DeLuxe DB45 DB45 Head  A slim-line alternative stitcher head for Muller-Martini saddle binders. The DB45 can be used on all stitchers or collators which currently use the HK45 and HK55 Heads.
DeLuxe DB75/DB75V DB75/DB75V Heads  High-quality alternative stitcher heads for Muller-Martini saddle binders. The DB75 and DB75V can be used on all stitchers or collators which currently use the HK75 and HK75V Heads.

DeLuxe Number 7

Number 7  Designed exclusively for the Number 7 and M7 Stitching Machines, this head is one of the most powerful
available and handles the widest range of work thicknesses.

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