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Challenge Cutters

Champion 305X Champion 305X The industry workhorse for over thirty years. Powerful, accurate, hydraulic clamping and cutting with a 30" cut width and 4" clamp opening.
Titan 265 Titan 265 Offers many features first made popular on our larger cutter models. The Titan 265 is a 26" programmable cutter.
Titan 200 Titan 200 A 20" programmable cutter. Portability and versatility in a dynamite package.
Titan 200M Titan 200M A manual backgauge version of our popular Titan 200 cutter.
Spartan 185 SA/A Spartan 185 SA, A, and AEP 18-1/2" Paper Cutters provide an economical solution for a wide range of cutting environments such as professional offices, copy centers, in-plant printers, and on-demand digital print providers.
Spartan 150 SA Spartan 150 SA Paper Cutter is a sleek strong 15" table-top machine perfect for the professional office, copy center, in-plant, and on-demand printing environment.
Spartan 150 M Spartan 150 M Paper Cutter is a lever-operated 15" table-top cutter, with digital backgauge readout.

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