LSA 504 Series (L-sealer)


Model Description
LSA 504 Standard machine with automatic in-line sealer
LSA 504A Standard machine with adjustable seal jaws to center seal line (3.75"-7") (100 - 180mm)
LSA 504C Standard machine with closing conveyor
LSA 504G A and C combined. Closing conveyor and adjustable seal height. (3.75"-7") (100 - 180mm)
LSA 504GI A, C and I combined. Motorized height adjustment, closing conveyor and variable speed conveyor.
LSA 504H Standard machine with top seal bar adjustable up and down for faster operation (2.25"-5.5") (60 - 140mm)
LSA 504I Standard machine with variable speed conveyor
LSA 504K H and C combined. Closing conveyor and top jaw adjustment. (2.25"-5.5") (60 - 140mm)
LSA 504R Print registration for any of the above machines
Beseler LSA 504 Series

The seal area on all LSA 504 models is: