Simplicity with Precision
The Baum floor-model drills line features easy adjustments. No tools are needed for positioning the heads. Set-up time is greatly reduced since the heads can be moved into position simply by loosening a locking lever by hand, placing the head where needed, and retightening. Drill bits can also be removed and reinserted without tools.

Hydraulically Powered for effortless Operation
The drill bits are forced into the paper using hydraulic rather than muscle power, so drilling is nearly effortless. The hydraulically powered head assembly is spring-loaded so that if the operator removes his foot from the pedal or in the event of a power outage, the head assembly will return safely to its starting position.

Designed for Operator Safety
The safety interlock feature protects the operator by disabling all motors when the guard is lifted. The spindle motor remains inoperative until the guard is lowered. The spindle and hydraulic motors can be operated independently, so setups can be done without actually drilling into the paper. A built-in hydraulic power indicator light alerts the operator that hydraulic power is activated.

If the safety motor overload breakers interrupt the operation of either the spindle or the hydraulic motors, there is no need to open the electrical box to push a reset switch. They will automatically reset themselves. An overload indicator light is provided on the front control panel.

D5-MT Movable Table

Baum D5-MT

D5-ST Stationary Table

Baum D5-ST