Tabletop Folder Accessories
Specially designed to enhance the productivity of your investment


714 Sound Covers
For significant reduction of folding noise levels. All sound covers are designed for easy access for folder attachments.

714 Sound Cover

714 Perf and Score Attachment

714 Perf-Score Attachment
To convert the folder into a stand-alone perf / score / slitting machine in minutes and back to folding when required. Ideal for preventing curl on heavier stocks. Required for micro-perforating on model 714.

714 Dust Cover
Covers entire folder to protect unit form paper dust and other airborne matter when not in use.

714 Dust Cover

Batch Counter

Batch Counter
Provides vacuum interrupt to create gap between batches on air feed models. Lift wheel interrupt for friction feed.

A special, very fine perforation that tears clean when pulled apart. This perf is used for stocks that need perforations and must be fed again through copiers, laser printers, etc.


714 Paperstop Kit
Enables folder to make a minimum 2" fold instead of the standard 2-1/4" fold.

Perf/Score/Slit Kits
Contain all the necessary parts for one line of scoring/slitting or perforating.

Retrofit Kits
For upgrading existing friction feed models to air feed. Also for adapting previous series air feed models.